Locations of everything that can be found in Entropia Universe. You can click on an item on the map or on "edit/view" in the chart to start editing. To add new items, use the "Add location" tab. Showing 360 of 56 locations.

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You can change the location by dragging the item on the map or by entering the coordinates manually in the edit window on the right of the map. Manually entered changes will only be visible after saving. Before editing or adding locations, please make sure you have read the help. Before editing or adding locations, please make sure you have read the help.

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ContinentLonLatTypeNameDensityLand AreaDistance
Planet Cyrene13472678140Teleport Miner Isles 543
Planet Cyrene13585777701Teleport Zyn Forest 700
Planet Cyrene13748378440Teleport Hive's Edge 2396
Planet Cyrene13318475013Teleport Tans'Ta'Oh Outpost Teleporter 3441
Planet Cyrene13826177210Teleport A.R.C. Immigration - Tanhok 3153
Planet Cyrene13825976275Teleport Atlas Hunting Grounds 3457
Planet Cyrene13877477670Teleport Rookie Training Area 3609
Planet Cyrene13423580558Teleport Outer Rim 2889
Planet Cyrene13779779525Teleport High Desert 3131
Planet Cyrene13889176894Teleport Turrelion Docks 3837
Planet Cyrene13589180873Teleport Carnap's Landing Teleporter 3134
Planet Cyrene13536675580Teleport Ice Plateu Outskirts 2253
Planet Cyrene13256079768PvP Lootable PvP 81938
Planet Cyrene13371776464Teleport Great Plains 1989
Planet Cyrene13898575125Teleport Isle de Zel 4675
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