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General InformationFacilitiesLocation
0x101 Supply DepotMediumYesYesYesPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13844977212
A.R.C. Immigration - TanhokSmallYesYesYesPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13826177210
A.R.C. Immigration - ZynMediumNoNoNoPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13839477637
A.R.C. StagingSmallYesYesNoPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13882977094
Atlas Hunting GroundsSmallYesYesNoPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13826076275
Carnap's LandingSmallYesYesYesPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13589180872
Desert RuinsSmallYesYesNoPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13633380357
 Duster Hazing StationSmallNoNoNoPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13621679176
Eve's PlaygroundSmallNoNoNoPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13843177289
Great PlainsSmallYesYesNoPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13371676464
High DesertSmallYesYesYesPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13779779526
Hive's EdgeSmallYesYesYesPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13748378440
Ice Plateu OutskirtsSmallYesYesYesPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13536675580
Isle de ZelSmallYesYesYesPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13898575125
Mer BeachSmallYesYesYesPlanet CyrenePlanet CyrenePlace13162076329
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