Available clothes. They are available in male, female or both genders. You can only use clothes of the same gender as you. Showing 26 of 56 items.
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General InformationEconomySource
NameGenderTypeMax.TTPrice (M)Price (F)SourceFound on
Boots of TurreliaBothBoots10  MissionPlanet Cyrene
 Coat of TurreliaBothCoats30  MissionPlanet Cyrene
Dark Divinity Dominator Panties, FEN EditionFemaleUnderwear15  Looted, EventEntropia Universe
Dark Divinity Dominion Miniskirt, FEN EditionFemaleSkirt15  Looted, EventEntropia Universe
Dark Divinity Nightspot Shoes, FEN EditionFemaleShoes15  Looted, EventEntropia Universe
 Embossed Cyrene ShirtBothShirt5  CraftedPlanet Cyrene
FENtropia Gold T-ShirtBothShirt15  Looted, EventEntropia Universe
FENtropia Platinum T-ShirtBothShirts15  Looted, EventEntropia Universe
Goggles of TurreliaBothShades5  MissionPlanet Cyrene
Holiday CoatBothCoats5  LootedPlanet Cyrene
 Jacket, TWEN EditionBothJackets1  LootedEntropia Universe
Jacket of TurreliaBothJackets30  MissionPlanet Cyrene
Malachai Inferno, FEN EditionBothShades15  Looted, EventEntropia Universe
Pants of TurreliaBothPants10  MissionPlanet Cyrene
Paradigm Shirt Series 2 (C)  7   Planet Cyrene
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