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Maturity Class: Planet:
General InformationDamage typesMovementCombatOtherProfessions
NameMaturity ClassFound onStbCutImpPenShrBrnCldAcdElcMovementCombatAttacksRangeAggressionTamableSweatableMin HPMin Global
5P1D3RRobot (Cyrene)Planet Cyrene 5050           NoNo1000 
Armored Whisker FishAnimal (Cyrene)Planet Cyrene         Swimming    NoNo1750 
ArretAnimal (Cyrene)Planet Cyrene  100      RunningClose20  noYes20 
BevisHumanoidPlanet Cyrene         RunningRanged   NoNo1000 
Byg ByrdAnimal (Cyrene)Planet Cyrene         Flying    NoYes105000 
Crystal Ice GolemGolemPlanet Cyrene         Floating    NoNo17500 
Crystal PedeAnimal (Cyrene)Planet Cyrene3030      40RunningClose  LowNoYes30 
Dire WeedPlant (Cyrene)Planet Cyrene 5050      SomehowRanged   NoYes50 
Divine GolemAnimalPlanet Cyrene         Floating    NoNo5470 
Drill BotRobot (Cyrene)Planet Cyrene  33.333 33.33333.333   RunningClose   NoNo150 
Duke Wave EventCyrene Wave (Duke)Planet Cyrene         VariousVarious   NoNo  
DusterHumanoidPlanet Cyrene  33.33333.333 33.333   RunningRanged   NoNo80 
EmpiAnimal (Cyrene)Planet Cyrene50      50 FlyingClose  MediumNoYes5010
Empis WaspAnimalPlanet Cyrene  100      FlyingClose   NoYes850 
Fenris Dock GuardianRobot (Cyrene)Planet Cyrene  3333 33   RunningRanged  MediumNoNo3100 
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