Vehicle: Dropship Vanguard
Specifications                  [Edit]
Type:IFN Dropship
Weight:23.2 kg
Spawned Weight:13780 kg
Item Points:1
Custom Colors:No
Custom Textures:No
Storage Count:108
Storage Weight:460 KG
Fuel Type:Oil
Fuel Consumption (A):2.1 Oil/km
Fuel Consumption (P):1.25 Oil/min
Max.TT:10 PED
Engine Power:3896.7 HP
Max Speed:76.3 km/h
Max Structural Integrity:1450
Stab:36 HP
Cut:36 HP
Impact:35 HP
Burn:25 HP
Penetration:25 HP
Shrapnel:26 HP
Cold:26 HP
Acid:25 HP
Electric:27 HP
Source:Mission, Bound Item
Found on:Planet Arkadia

Variant: IFN Dropship

Availability: Mission - Bound Item


Dropship Vanguard is issued to the first few colonists to reach Lieutenant rank within the IFN. These dropships are perfect for transporting personnel and cargo straight into the heat of the battle, with the cover of the wings the soldiers are shielded from incoming fire as well as natural elements during the flight.


Without the armaments of other flying vehicles the IFN managed to increase the speed of the vehicle so it will be able to get in and out of the battle as quickly as possible.

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