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NameTypeOwnerStructural IntegrityAdditional info
 AlabamaMotherShip Augis Auktuma Tumas -> Strash / SoF Pilot
 Ark RoyalMotherShipJohn Black Knight
 BismarkMotherShip Sam Diafelx Sara -> Milela Sakuba Wilnfe -> Milela Sakuba Wilnfe/Kara RavenJade SummerWind
 DreadnoughtMotherShip geats platzgummer -> Giuliamo adm Noo -> Taxi Goblin Goldy -> Melissa Xristine Stormbreaker
 EnterpriseMotherShip Zek z3kdark3r Darker
 FortuneMotherShip Zachurm Deathifier Emegen
 GagarinMotherShip George Ace Skywalker -> Tzepu -> Hannibal Daddy Heyes
 GroundbreakerQuadwing Interceptor ULSara Chibi Taylor Sara Chibi Taylor
JustifierQuadwing Interceptor ULKamor Asus Mcoytle  
 KronanMotherShipGranny Rowan Render website :
 KrusensternMotherShip Modified Akoz Power -> Melissa Xristine Stormbreaker
 NormandieMotherShipJohn Black
 Official MindArk ShipMotherShip MindArk Official Assistant Warrior
 Pathfinder IPrivateer Trinner Trinn Trass
 Pathfinder IIPrivateer Svetlana Anja Machina
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