Land Area: Amethera Outback Land #26
Specifications                  [Edit]
Land Name:BIG Industries OLA#26
Type:Land Area
Owner Type:Avatar
Hunting Tax:3.99 %
Mining Tax:3.99 %
Planet:Planet Calypso
Lon.:25994 m
Lat.:38996 m

OLA26: Sarahs Land Area


only 1 minor TP jump NE from Omegaton West Habitat.


Here you can find superb hunting grounds for the larger allophyls and small molisks.

Dense groups of allophyls inhabit the flat, clear area.



Miners can find:

Dunkel Particle - Ferrum Nuts - Angelic - Typonolic - Lytairian Dust - Crude Oil

Tridenite - Kanerium - Terrudite - Cumbriz - Blausariam - Frigulite - Lysterium

The area is large and flat, perfect for carpet bombing


Be careful: Robot Space Crafts were reported in the past !


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DNA Samples

DNA Samples used in the fertilizer of the Land Area.

ZoneDNA SampleNumbersMaturity 
Main Creature HabitatAllophyl DNA Samples1010Edit
Allophyl DNA Samples1010Edit
Molisk DNA Samples00Edit
Molisk DNA Samples00Edit

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Known locations in this land area.

Calypso2763840359CreatureAllophyl Guardian to StalkerHigh
Calypso2632740029Thorafoid Worker to RogueMedium
Calypso2613439886Thorio Female Servant to HerderMedium
Calypso2759340318LA Marker AOL26 
Calypso2599438996Land Area Amethera Outback Land #26 

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