Hit ability

Your hit ability determines the hit rate you have with a weapon. This relation is linear. For the exact relation, see the hit rate page. The value of the hit ability can be found in the weapons information window, in the example image it is the before last field.

The hit ability is determined by your profession level. For weapons without a Skill increase bonus (SIB), your hit ability will be 0 at profession level 0, and goes to a maximum of 10 at a profession level of 100. In the example image the profession level is 55. For weapons with a SIB, the hit ability will be 0 until you reach the required profession level which you can find in the "Recommended level" field in the weapon information window. When the required profession level is reached, the hit ability will jump to 3, and then will increase until the weapons the learning period is over. At this point the weapon is maxed.


This info on this page is out of date as of Version Update 14.0

Example of the detailed information window

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