Filled Skill Implants (discussion)
Guess we'll need to rename all Filled Skill Implants to (L)s... Or would Witte save us this trouble somehow? :P

Paolo (talk) - 2006-11-03 10.23.24

I still got no access to DB or ftp. But minder told me i could get it. I think there were some secucity issues, as he uses the ftp for personal stuff too. Ill ask it when hes online on msn.

There are quiet allot things that need some updating of bugfixing.

Witte (talk) - 25-11-2020 00:05:11
Mentor Skill Implant (L)? Sweat Gatherer Skill Implant (L)? Are you sure they exist? I heard that possibly Sweat Gatherer was chippable for a short period of time, for a short while just after both mindforce and and skill implants were available, but I never heard about the Mentor chip.
Faalagorn (talk) - 25-11-2020 00:05:11

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