Damage Potential (discussion)
The upper limit for "Huge" is not confirmed yet, it's just the highest value I have on that rating so far.

There are two more ratings after Huge that I know of, An Araneatrox Prowler with 355 Max Damage has the rating of Immense, and an Araneatrox Stalker with 429 Max Damage has the rating Gigantic.

Also I'm not 100% sure about the 160 of Great and the 161 of Huge because the data on the mobs I used for those marks was not 100% definite. With the Globster Young being at a supposed 160 Max Damage and Great rating, and the Hogglo Old with a supposed 161 Max Damage and rating of Huge.

Any help with scans of things or testing of damage would be much appreciated.

Edit: The numbers I added on the chart for Immense and Gigantic are most likely not correct at all, but this way the ratings are at least there and can be applied on mobs.

Sound (talk) - 22-09-2020 04:17:49

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