Armor Sets (discussion)

Correct me if I'm wrong: this is the maximum decay per hit, right?!

I mean, let's use Goblin (12Impact 9Acid) for example: to experience a 0,83pec decay I'd have to get an 12Impact+9Acid hit?

BTW, i think that the "per hit" sentence should be somewhere, maybe in the column's onMouseOver description.

Nice work!

- Paolo, 11/02/2006 16.42.53 (CET)

Yes, it's per hit. What would it be otherwise? You can change the description. Click Edit Columns to do that.

- Minder, 22-02-2024 20:26:44 (CET)

According to the math, a full hit on Goblin, taking a total of 21 damage would yield .0825 decay

Witte so you are trying to say that for example Rascal and Grost should have same decay when hunging for example Argonauts young???

Jay (talk) - 22-02-2024 20:26:44

They should decay about the same. I dont know if decay is determined by max possible protection, or the actually dealth damage. But that will be pretty hard to find out.

Witte (talk) - 22-02-2024 20:26:44

where, and what mobs did you loot the bear, etc. pieces off of???

[_)ark (talk) - 22-02-2024 20:26:44

Could we have a column with "Elemental protection" to sum up for Cold, Elec, Acid, like we have for 'close' and 'firearms' protection?

- 22-02-2024 20:26:44

I suggest adding a column with the minimal decay when hit (see the armor decay discussion)

Dutchie, 2007-01-03

It seems abit trivial to me. The minimal decay is simply the total protecion (that column is already there) devided by 100. So when you understand how decay works, you wont need an extra column. I think when people dont understand the full meaning of it, they make the wrong assumptions and will judge it as its normal decay value. So I deliberatly didnt add a column like that, to prevent even more confusion.

Witte (talk) - 22-02-2024 20:26:44

Does anyone have an idea how to easily manage those few armors with more than 7 parts that we have so far? It isn't really a big issue, just the full tt is off for them. (Spartacus/Hermes/Rutuba)

Or would that need changes to the chart itself?

Sound (talk) - 22-02-2024 20:26:44


Where did "Armor vs Mobs" go ?


ZLostAlien (talk) - 22-02-2024 20:26:44

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