New Features

  • Added a new Gardening System available to plot estate owners. Fruit growing capabilities “Omegaton Acorn” Gardening Box introduced
  • Added a Logistics Mode for plots (move/rotate plot constructions)
  • Added an action in the Action Library for taking screenshots.
  • Added an option for windowed fullscreen mode.
  • Added an option for “Sound in Background”.

Changes and Improvements

  • Field of View is now set to be the same in first and third person views.
  • Double click to approach target has been improved for creatures. For other players it remains the same.
  • Optimizations Less stuttering when loading objects and generating characters. Pre-caching of skeleton and animations. Animation system performance improvements. Improved Level of Detail handling. Improved caching of shaders


  • Additional fixes for icon rendering where icons could render incorrectly (red crosses, etc.)
  • Improvements to Portals in apartments, malls and estates.
  • Corrected item point issues for many estates.
  • Improvements to the dissolve effect for consistent behavior across all screen surfaces.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused indoor lighting to appear black.
  • Fixed an issue causing enemies and pets to sometimes get stuck in animations.
  • Fast weapons now trigger animations and sounds properly.

Known Issues

  • Estate points do not visually update correctly in the information panel.