Version Update: 8.2
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Planet:Entropia Universe
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The first phase of the Event System has been introduced. Participants can now create, sell tickets for, and administer exclusive events in the Virtual Universe. PvP, hunting and vote based events may now be created for up to 100 participants.

Land Areas now also function as Event Areas when land owners activate the Public Event Area option. Event details can be accessed from the Land Claim UI. In order to register for an event on the Asteroid you must first access the correct Land Area Controller for the dome where the event will take place. Furthermore, Event Organizer NPCs are located in special Event Areas around Calypso, such as the Fort Ithaca bar or the catwalk north of Nymphtown, allowing participants to schedule, customize and register for events in that area. Rules, Prize Items and PvP options can be customized for each event.

Reputation and Event Promoter skills have been introduced and can be influenced by all participants in an event.

Events may be thirty minutes to four hours in length with full scheduling options available through the Event Calendar.

The event chat channel has been initiated allowing Event Participants to communicate directly during an event.


The first phase of the Ad System has also now been introduced. Participants can now create and display their own Ads in the Virtual Universe.
Ad Terminals are located in all important cities and outposts on Calypso.

An Ad always has, and is restricted to, a total length of 30 seconds. Ads may consist of up to 5 Sequences. Each Sequence can have its own image and text. Full formatting options are available and every Ad can be previewed on the Preview Screen included above every Ad Terminal.

Ads are displayed throughout the Virtual Universe on the main Ad Display Boards. Ads are displayed based upon a Dynamic Display Probability. The more you invest in your Ad, the greater the probability that your Ad will be displayed. The probability will increase or decrease depending on the number and Investment value of other participant Ads. Once you’ve created an Ad you can later modify it and increase your investment if you wish to increase the Dynamic Display Probability.

Shops Update

A necessary change has been made to the participant shops system on the Asteroid. Participants with items displayed in the entrance corridors as well as in the display windows may now discover that they have exceeded their maximum item points allowed for display indoors. The entrance corridors and the display windows are now together counted as indoor displays. This update should greatly increase the system performance while visiting these shopping areas.


The Friends chat has been updated and now works exactly like the Private chat. This includes a logging function which can be enabled or disabled through the main options panel. The log is saved in your Project Entropia folder. A new Friends category has been added to the Action Book and includes all the usual Friend features. These features can be accessed from the Friends List, the status bar and through interaction with other avatars. This new Friends/Private chat window has also received a make over and now allows you to ignore chat from another participant during a chat session. The Friends List also allows you to drag out an avatars status bar for easier interaction.

PvP Update

When teleporting from a PvP to non-PvP zone such as a revival terminal, the 30 second rule no longer applies. It is no longer possible to kill an avatar that has just been revived.

Port Atlantis Makeover

Port Atlantis has received a make over in order to increase system performance while visiting one of Calypso’s major population centers.

Land Area Update

Land Area Owners now have the option of enabling or disabling PvP for their Land Area.

Construction Update

All the manufacturing UIs have been updated with a more sensitive ‘quality vs. condition’ slider allowing a greater range of setting possibilities. The success rate bar has also been updated to continually reflect your changing success status. The overall output rate however, is not affected. You will also receive a warning in the chat window if your success status is very low.

Actions Update

The Actions interface has been updated with several new icons including a participant info icon which is used in conjunction with the new Event system.

More Weapons

An assortment of new weapons has been added.

Map Update

The second Corinth Beach map location has been renamed to Treasure Island NE and relocated to its correct position.

Naked Shock

The mutants on Calypso seem to be embracing their own interpretation of flower power and are now refusing to wear clothes. As if they weren’t ugly enough.

More Items

A variety of new and interesting items have been added throughout the Virtual Universe.

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