Version Update: 14.7
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Planet:Entropia Universe



  • Team target marker is now removed when the tagged avatar dies.
  • Fixed lighting issues with the Nifty Pattern Pants (M,C) and (F,C)
  • An issue preventing some auction messages from being updated correctly has been fixed.
  • The Omegaton Stove A-3 (C) visual model has been improved.
  • Quest counters now display high values correctly.
  • Shower Cabin is no longer extremely bright with above high graphic settings.
  • It is now possible for a society leader to manage society owned land areas even if the leader does not hold any shares in these lands.
  • Spacecraft and estate deeds can now be pawned in banks.
  • Fixed issue when avatars and NPC:s would twitch when switching stance.


  • The consumption rate of enhancers attached to unlimited items has been reduced by 50%.
  • Added an in-world HUD indicator for the nearest waypoint.
  • Players that are targeted by the Set Team Target action will now receive a notification.
    • If a vehicle is targeted then all avatars in that vehicle will receive the notification.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where UIs would not register fast mouse wheel scrolling.
  • Avatar names with special characters will no longer stop chat.
  • The /pos command now work in dynamic areas.
  • Entries in the contacts list no longer expand occasionally for no apparent reason.
  • The expanded entry in the contacts list no longer be minimized when another avatar logs on or out.
  • Entries in the contacts list no longer show incorrect context icons for some avatars.
  • All chat channels are now logged in the main chat log.
  • Chat window no longer prevents numpad enter from functioning normally.


  • Creating a new chat tab should now immediately show the tab naming UI.
  • Added an option to hide tutorial messages in the message center.
  • Added time since last login in the contacts list for friends and society members.
    • Logging in while incognito or invisible will not update the timer.
    • There is an new setting in the privacy options to hide your last login time.

Known Issues

  • There is a display issue affecting several hairstyles.
  • The sliders in the avatar creation interface are offset from the visual display making it difficult to customise avatar appearance.
  • There is an issue preventing certain creatures from being targeted, including Mindreaver and Marcimex.
  • There is an issue affecting chat filters in the main chat interface. This issue prevents private messages from appearing in the main chat tab, though the will still show up if activated in other tabs. To show private messages in a custom chat tab, right-click the tab name and tick the "Private messages" box in the menu that appears. Also make sure that at least one of the sub-filters "Friends" and "Other" is enabled in the tab.

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