Version Update: 14.4
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Portable crafted repair and trade terminals, bug fixes


  • Creatures no longer disappear immediately when looted. Additional visual indication will be implemented in the patch scheduled for December 17.
  • It is now possible to reduce the amount of critical damage received. A base chance to reduce critical damage by up to 15% has been introduced and is calculated automatically based on avatar skill level in relation to the attacking creature's level. Items and boosts will also be introduced which will allow incoming critical damage to be reduced even further.
  • Portable trade and repair - Two new tools have been added that will let you access a basic trade and repair terminal out in the wilderness. These new terminals are crafted from low-level tool blueprints.


  • The maximum value of the Kaminsky Barong has been corrected.
  • The name and description of the DSEC Laser Amp v1 (L) Blueprint (L) has been corrected.
  • An issue causing progress in the Zoldenite and Maladrite mining missions to incorrectly advance when finding Lysterium claim in some situations has been corrected.
  • Auction categories have been added for Maladrite and Zoldenite.
  • It is now possible to employ the 'Teleport Home' feature of higher level Mindforce Teleport chips to teleport to Land Areas.
  • An issue causing incorrect rounding when extracting PED from the PED card has been corrected.
  • An issue causing gloves dropped on the ground to display oddly has been corrected.
  • Text readability has been improved when viewing the item information panel.

Known Issues

  • It is not possible to place items in the additional area of Monria Hub Shop 2, Floor 1.
  • Player register visibility and profession display settings for some users may have been reset. Please be sure to verify those settings upon logging in.
  • The DSEC Laser Amp v1 (L) displays the incorrect value in the trade terminal windows. The actual value is displayed correctly when reaching the confirmation panel.
  • Monria premium apartments are missing televators to their pool rooms.
  • Some font types in the Ad screen UI are displayed as squares.

VU 14.4 Mini Patch

Fixes / Changes

  • The target box and hit box of creatures are now removed from corpses once a creature is looted. Looted creature corpses also no longer appear on the radar, and do not interfere with movement, weapons or targeting. More informative visual effects will be implemented for creature corpses in the patch scheduled for December 17.
  • An issue causing Mindforce chips to reference the wrong profession in some situations has been corrected.

Known Issues

  • The Esc button does not remove focus from chat windows or close interface windows as it should. This issue will be corrected in the patch scheduled for December 17.
  • The user interface font update implemented in VU 14.4 resulted in non-standard and-/or non-Western characters appearing incorrectly in various interfaces, including the primary chat window. This issue is being investigated and will be corrected as soon as possible.

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