Version Update: Planet Cyrene 2012.5.1
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Planet:Planet Cyrene
News:Fixed Issues & Additions
Tuesday September 4th 2012


  • All Imperium Missions pre this VU should be working correctly again.
  • The sun color has been adjusted to a more natural color.
  • The following items are now able to be traded:
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Leg Guards)
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Shin Guards)
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Arm Guards)
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Gloves)
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Boots)
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Harness)
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Helmet)
    • Broken Scorpion
    • Broken XT
    • Broken Firestarter
    • Broken Imperium Officer XT
    • A.R.C. HK Mold
    • Busted Zyn Mordincran
  • The quest "Travel from Janus to the Zyn'Kimbro Village" has been adjusted to reflect that you must find your own way there.*
  • The quest "Getting Battle Ready" now has you show your S.I. Scorpion to the Drill Instructor to complete the quest.
  • The loot on Cyrene should now look improved and unique.
  • It now takes the appropriate A.R.C. Armor Mold to craft the corresponding piece of A.R.C. Ranger armor.
  • Setter Docks is now back where it should be.
  • The Imperium Extirpater V1 is now correctly working as an excavator.
  • All creatures should show the correct name and not a question mark.
  • Some NPCs, which had broken quest markers, should now be able to be properly interacted with.
  • Some grammatical and typographical errors have been fixed.


The Proving Grounds have arrived. The Proving Grounds is a sweat based Arena you can PvP in for sweat at the Hub.
The Proving Grounds have areas to spawn Entry Tokens that can be collected and used to enter the other Arenas.
The Proving Ground is made up of the 3 current Arenas to help practice for more intense challenges.

More Challenge Missions for Dire Weeds, Swamp Lurkers, Crystal Pedes, and Tide Claws should now be available:
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 500 SwampLurkers
    • Reward Choice: Shortblades, Longblades, or Power Fist
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 1000 SwampLurkers
    • Reward: O.S. F.A.P. M1 (L) Blueprints (L)
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 5000 SwampLurkers
    • Reward: Imperium Tokens
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 500 Tide Claws
    • Reward Choice: Rifle, Handgun, or Club
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 1000 Tide Claws
    • Reward: Enkidd Howler S4 Blueprint (L)
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 5000 Tide Claws
    • Reward: Imperium Tokens
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 500 Crystal Pedes
    • Reward Choice: Dodge, Evasion, or Bravado
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 1000 Crystal Pedes
    • Reward: Ripper Hide Armor Plate (L) Blueprints (L)
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 5000 Crystal Pedes
    • Reward: Imperium Tokens
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 500 Dire Weeds
    • Reward Choice: Inflict Melee Damage, Inflict Ranged Damage, or Combat Reflexes
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 1000 Dire Weeds
    • Reward: DragonFly v1 (L) Blueprint (L)
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 5000 Dire Weeds
    • Reward: Imperium Tokens

The following A.R.C. Craftable Weapons are now available:
  • Scorpion AP1 (L)
  • Scorpion AP2 (L)
  • A.R.C. XT1 (L)
  • A.R.C. XT2 (L)
  • A.R.C. Scout HK (L)
  • A.R.C. Firestarter (L)
  • Reforged Zyn Smasher (L)

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