Version Update: Planet Cyrene 2012.5
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Planet:Planet Cyrene
News:New missions, items, bps
Cyrene Patch Notes August 28th 2012



Challenge Missions
  • Several challenge missions for Cyrene have been added for eight creatures on Cyrene, such as the SwampLurker and Tide Claw.
  • The challenge missions award stats at stage one (the only available stage for four, more after the mini patch)
  • The Center of Janus has become a Mission hub that can lead to different quest areas.
  • The Zyn'Kimbro tribe is looking for help, talk to the Zyn'Kimbro Envoy at the center of Janus for more info.
  • The Turrelion Envoy can help you get started in PvP, head to the Center of Janus.

  • Approximately 35 Blueprints have been added, from weapons to tools to armor to attachments; available from token rewards and discoveries. These are from level 1 to level 10.

Token Rewards
  • Ferguson now has his own line of component blueprints available from Imperium Tokens.
  • The Zyn'Kimbro Token is now available from the Zyn'Kimbro missions, with it's own rewards.

  • Two new vehicles are available (from crafting):
    • The P.I.G.V. , a ground vehicle
    • The Dragonfly, a helicopter


  • The terminals have been placed in a more crafter friendly manner.
  • The night cycle has been brightened and shortened in all areas.
  • Some Cyrene tools are available from the trade terminal and improved versions are found from certain creatures.
  • The Lancer now handles more like a VTOL and less like a helicopter.
  • Many loot items on Cyrene have new models to distinguish them from current MindArk items.
  • Many Creatures have undergone rebalancing.
  • A new teleporter has been added to Janus, the Cyrene Port teleporter, for all the pilots who fly into Cyrene.
  • The following Hides are now refined into leather: Swamp Lurker, Rough, Creature, Perfect, Flesh Ripper.
  • The city of Janus should be more lit up at night and easier for players to navigate.
  • Info-bots have been added near Quarter Masters to show non-blueprint rewards.



A.R.C. Craftable Weapons
  • Enkidd Howler S4

A.R.C. Craftable Armor
  • A.R.C. Ranger (full set)

A.R.C. Craftable Tools
  • O.S. F.A.P. M1 (L)
  • O.S. F.A.P. M7 (L)
  • H.E.A.R.T. M1 (L)
  • H.E.A.R.T. M7 (L)
  • Finder X2 (L)

A.R.C. Components
  • Ferguson's All Purpose Lube
  • Ferguson's All Purpose Amalgam
  • Ferguson's Refined Amalgam
  • A.R.C. Wire Harness
  • Robotics Enhancing Gel
  • Bonding Liquid

A.R.C. Vehicles
  • P.I.G.V. MK1 (L)
  • Dragonfly v1 (L)
  • Spear v5-346 (L)

A.R.C. Attachments and Tools
  • Enkidd Red-Back (BLP Amp) (L)
  • Xent Tech Light Amplification Vine (Laser Amp) (L)
  • Enkidd Dismalites (laser sight) (L)
  • Hawk 1k (scope) (L)
  • I.D.A. 004 (mining amp) (L)
  • Ripper Hide Armor Plate (L)


  • Go check out the Hub
    • Reward: Confiscated Duster Slicer
  • Discreetly head to A.R.C. Head Quarters
    • Reward: Broken Scorpion
  • Travel from Janus to Zyn'Kimbro Village
    • Reward: Busted Zyn Morndincran

Zyn'Kimbro Village
  • NOOO, food sack!
    • Reward: 1 Zyn'Kimbro Token
  • Pict's Pollen Issue
    • Reward: 1 Zyn'Kimbro Token
  • Tribute to the Councilmen (Bonding Liquid)
    • Reward: 5 Zyn'Kimbro Tokens
  • Tribute to the Councilmen (Zorn Star Ore)
    • Reward: 5 Zyn'Kimbro Tokens
  • The Chief's Request!
    • Reward: 20 Zyn'Kimbro Tokens
  • Test of Courage!
    • Reward: 1 Zyn'Kimbro Token
  • Test of Strength!
    • Reward: 1 Zyn'Kimbro Token
  • Getting Slimed!
    • Reward: 1 Zyn'Kimbro Token
  • The Ambassador Needs You!
    • Reward: 1 Zyn'Kimbro Token

Challenge Missions
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 100 SwampLurkers
    • Reward: Aim Skill Increase
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 100 Tide Claws
    • Reward: Bravado Skill Increase
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 100 Crystal Pedes
    • Reward: Dexterity Skill Increase
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 100 Dire Weeds
    • Reward: Perception Skill Increase
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 100 Paneleons
    • Reward: Combat Reflexes Skill Increase
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 500 Paneleons
    • Reward: First Aid Skill Increase
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 1000 Paneleons
    • Reward: Imperium Detectonator X2 (L) Blueprint (L)
  • A.R.C. Challenge - 5000 Paneleons
    • Reward: Imperium Tokens

Token Rewards

New Imperium Token Rewards
  • Assistant Engineer Wayan
    • Ferguson's All Purpose Lube Blueprint (L) - 20 Tokens
    • Ferguson's All Purpose Amalgam Blueprint (L) - 20 Tokens
    • Ferguson's All Refined Amalgam Blueprint (L) - 20 Tokens
    • A.R.C. Wire Harness Blueprint (L) - 20 Tokens
    • Robotics Enhancing Gel Blueprint (L) - 20 Tokens
    • Bonding Liquid Blueprint (L) - 20 Tokens

New Zyn'Kimbro Token Rewards
  • Zyn Token Blueprint Vendor
    • Enkidd Red-Back Blueprint (L) - 20 Tokens
    • Xent Tech Light Amplification Vine Blueprint (L) - 20 Tokens
    • Enkidd Dismalites Blueprint (L) - 20 Tokens
    • Hawk 1k Blueprint (L) - 20 Tokens
    • Spear v5-346 Blueprint (L) - 20 Tokens
  • Zyn'Kimbro Token Vendor Grippa
    • Zyn Smasher - 300 Tokens
    • Zyn Bone Club - 300 Tokens
    • Zyn Campfire - 300 Tokens
    • Reforged Zyn Smasher Blueprint (L) - 20 Tokens


  • The Lancer sounds like a VTOL, this will be corrected in a future VU.
  • The quest "Travel from Janus to the Zyn'Kimbro Village" the destination is not default so you can not teleport there unless you go there first. The quest will be changed to reflect that you can not go there from the teleporter in the mini patch.
  • Some of the loot is undergoing changes in appearance and will change with the mini patch.
  • A.R.C. Ranger Armor Pieces all take A.R.C. Armor Mold (Shin Guards), this is a bug and will corrected in the mini patch.
  • The following items are currently non-tradeable and will be changed to tradeable in the mini patch:
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Leg Guards)
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Shin Guards)
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Arm Guards)
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Gloves)
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Boots)
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Harness)
    • A.R.C. Armor Mold (Helmet)
    • Broken Scorpion
    • Broken XT
    • Broken Firestarter
    • Broken Imperium Officer XT
    • A.R.C. HK Mold
    • Busted Zyn Mordincran

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