Version Update: Planet Cyrene 2012.3
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Planet:Planet Cyrene
News:Fixed Issues

Patch Notes

In the Hub & Arenas, the right mouse button shooting only when you have target has been disabled, removing the auto clicker advantage.

The missing creature spawns in the A.R.C. areas have been restored, as well as increase creature spawns in many areas on Cyrene.

The following missions should now be able to be completed again:

  • Lord Psycidon
  • Regent Halbird
  • Clearing the Den
  • Hollingsworth's Other Task!
  • "Scary" Hackfin
  • L.T.'s Viewing Pleasure
  • Helping Harwell
  • Guy's Mission
  • Dr. Nikolo's Bug Problem
  • Merfolken Beach Head?
  • Destroy the robot menace
  • Gathering Parts

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