Version Update: Planet Cyrene 2012.2
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Planet:Planet Cyrene

Fixed Issues

  • All of the missions that required you to turn in (ore, ingot, enmatter, token) now require you to have the item in your inventory and trade it to the NPC to complete. They include:
    • Zorn Star Prospects
    • Blue Crystals for Wilco
    • This craft's for you!
    • Green healing!
    • Yellow Crystals?
    • Rebuilding the Base
    • Electronic Component Enhancements
    • All Token Rewards from the Hub
    • All Token Rewards from A.R.C. Quarter Masters
    • Getting crafty!

  • Some of the missions that required you to be in a certain area have had that area size increased, they are:
    • L.T.'s Viewing Pleasure
    • Guy's Mission
    • They're taking our minerals!

  • Synthetic Mind Essence and Refiner MR 100 have been added to the trade terminal.
  • Item name corrected from: S.I. Assault Pistol to S.I. Scorpion.
  • Description added to S.I. FlameThrower to explain the Damage over Time effect.
  • Puny Pleak now correctly dies when killed.
  • Some grammatical and typographical errors have been corrected.
  • Forgotten Hill Teleporter location has been removed.
  • Mining fields have been reconfigured and should be more plentiful.
  • Additional turrets have been posted at Inner Turrelion Outpost.
  • Creature aggression and density has been lowered throughout Cyrene.

  • Some creatures have had their maturities adjusted/corrected, they are:
    • Zeladoth
    • Sky Wraith
    • Fenris
    • Sky Shatter

  • Mission notifications, visualizations, and descriptions have been improved on the following:
    • Merfolken Beach Head!
    • They're taking our minerals!
    • Dr. Nikolo's Bug Problem
    • Guy's Mission
    • L.T.'s Viewing Pleasure
    • Hollingsworth's other task!
    • Lord Pyscidon
    • Regent Halbird
    • Destroy the Robot Menace

  • PvP Armor and Weapons will no longer be able to have attachments on them.
  • Trade Terminal weapons and armor cannot be sold in auction.

  • Some crafting patterns have been fixed:
    • Light Power Cell
    • Medium Power Cell
    • Heavy Power Cell
    • Cold Protective Coating
    • Scout Helmet
    • Scout Gloves
    • Scout Boots
    • Lysterium Power Container

  • Two additional crafting patterns have been added:
    • Spear v1 (L)
    • Lancer v1 (L)

  • Trade Terminal armor durability has been improved.

  • Trade Terminal weapon deterioration has been lessened on the following:
    • S.I. HK110
    • S.I. Scorpion
    • S.I. FlameThrower

  • Token PvP weapons that have additional effects are displayed in the Hub.

  • The following Missions now work properly:
    • This craft's for you!
    • Getting crafty!

Known Issues

  • Tide Claw creatures have incorrect sound and animation values, it is not recommended to hunt any maturity Tide Claw. Turning off sound may help this issue.

  • Mission: Getting Battle Ready does complete correctly, but in order to access the next quest, Trial By Fire, you must log out after completion, log back in, and interact with the Drill Instructor.

  • Mission: Gathering Parts does not show a return objective to go back to the Drill Instructor after killing 50 Scout bots. This quest will complete correctly if you interact with the Drill Instructor once you have completed the objective to Kill 50 Scout Bots.

  • Quarter Master McDonald shows an incorrect reward: A.R.C. Armor Mold (Harness) is actually A.R.C. Armor Mold (Leg Guards)

  • Creature: The Skreel and Horned Whiskerfish in their respective ponds occasionally become Unreachable when water isn't deep enough. Some also appear to float over the water.

  • Some creatures and NPCs have the top part of the body disappear, it is being looked into.
  • Some Text on NPCs does not display correctly and it is being looked into
  • Vehicle Lights on the Spear do not function correctly.
  • Lancer has no vehicle lights and it is being looked into.
  • Mission: Yellow Crystals? Still asks for 10 in the description when it only takes 5.
  • Creature: Drill Bot occasionally becomes Unreachable and is being looked into.

  • Crafting: Some crafting patterns do not work and it is advised not to craft the following:
    • Scout Thigh Guards
    • Scout Shin Guards
    • Scout Harness
    • Scout Arm Guards

  • At Lon: 126350 Lat: 80691 there are missing textures and will be fixed next patch.
  • You are not able to currently scan humanoid NPCs.

  • A.R.C. Armor Mold Helmet displays as X in inventory.

Post VU Notes

I know everyone is hunting around for Low Grade Power Supplies, and I wanted to share some of the spawn locations with you.
  • Scout Bot 100/200 at: 133839 86210 North of Marsh Base B.A.R.A.L.
  • Scout Bot Collector XT at: 129014 77768 Far South of The Brim on the lower continent
  • Scout Bot Gen 3 at: 127960 80706 Far east of Volcano Beach
  • Scout Bot 799 at: 124077 81116 South of Base Camp Oak
  • Or at: 128400 88038 West of Waterfall Perimeter
  • Or at: 126709 88422 East of Base Camp Gamma

I hope this information helps everyone find what they are looking for, but I have another issue to address.

I'm sure you are all aware of the issues we had with the spawners. Most of them have returned but some are still not working correctly, namely the instant spawners, and as a result some quests can not be completed at this time, they are:
  • Lord Psycidon
  • Regent Halbird
  • Clearing the Den
  • Hollingsworth's Other Task!
  • "Scary" Hackfin
  • L.T.'s Viewing Pleasure
  • Helping Harwell
  • Guy's Mission
  • Dr. Nikolo's Bug Problem
  • Merfolken Beach Head?
  • Destroy the robot menace
  • Gathering Parts

We are working with MindArk to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

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