Society: Natural Born Killers (NBK)
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Found Date:06-09-2005
Average HP:138.2
Average Total Skill:114586.7
Average Highest Skill:4821.1
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Some of the members in this society.

Full NameGiven NameSociety RankCountryProfessionHighest SkillTotal SkillsHealthDate of ArrivalPlace of Arrival
 Agent DoubleZero SevenDoubleZeroColonelUnited KingdomHunter952719277419605-02-2007Port Atlantis
 Alex Prot MartProtColonelRussia 668518981015703-05-2006Port Atlantis
 Amir  Egypt      
 Anaril Kaar MoonshadowMoonshadowsergentUnited States 25572200096 Port Atlantis
 Andrew LiveToDie BurkeLive2Die!Mining ForemanUnited StatesHunter, Miner2640197239816-05-2007Port Atlantis
 Angelina Angie SparkxSparkxPrivateBelgiumLaser Sniper1109121989416-03-2006Calypso
 Arrun de WarsashArrun United KingdomMiner6137121048139  
 Avery Ash HowellAshColonelUnited KingdomHunter Crafter 2 01-02-2007Port Atlantis
 Borr Borr BorremansBorr Netherlands 612710046013501-10-2006Port Atlantis
 Coaltar e5d809 StrayborneCoaltarCaptainUnited StatesHunter730815914816615-12-2015Planet Calypso
 Danny Dee DuncanDuncanSergantNetherlandsHunter  9511-03-2006Port Atlantis
 Dargon Dargonstarjammer CosmosicDargonstarjammerPrivateUnited StatesHunter  97 Port Atlantis
 Davin Trooper FelthJeffColonelUnited StatesHunter, Miner, Crafter417470304183  
 DmitryDmitikPrivateRussiaHunter    Port Atlantis
Dorin Ro Stan CaptainRomaniaMiner22143582710229-09-2015Camp Icarus
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