Creature: Wiles
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Maturity Class:Animal
Found on:Planet Cyrene
Damage types
Impact:50 %
Penetration:50 %
HP of least Maturity:4500 HP
Planet Cyrene

This fearsome sea beast will destroy you!

A.R.C. Faction Mission

A.R.C. Faction - Rank 1

Objective: Kill 4 Wiles
Reward: 4 A.R.C. Faction Badge

Other Mission Info

Tanhok Epic: Stage 9: We Need a Bigger Boat

Objective: Kill 315 Wiles
Reward: Final Stage Completion Coin

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Maturity Levels

Attributes of the creature. Damage vs. Armor calculations.

MaturityHealthRegen. SpeedDamageDanger LevelHP/LvlThreatTaming Level
Single Maturity Mob4500 2789945.5125100 
 HPHP/sHP   Level

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Loots from this creature. The "Last VU" button updates the "Latest VU" column to the current VU. Entries with a red background have not yet been reported to drop this VU. Warning: Some loots may be false.
The "Maturity" column is used to indicate the lowest maturity from which an item has been looted.

ItemFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
Animal Oil ResidueOftenSingle Maturity Mob15.16.2Last VUEdit
Animal HideCommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
WoolCommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Animal Liver OilOftenSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Animal Eye OilCommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Socket 10 ComponentCommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Paint Can (Brown)CommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Paint Can (Yellow)CommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Tier 2 ComponentCommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Vacuum Flux Energy GeneratorUncommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
ShrapnelVery oftenSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Animal Thyroid OilOftenSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Animal Kidney OilOftenSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Diluted Cloth ExtractorCommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Animal Spleen OilOftenSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
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Where the creature can be found.

ContinentLonLatTypeNameDensityLand Area
Planet Cyrene13793680168CreatureWilesMedium

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