Mission: Brown Beetles - Rank 2
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Planet:Planet Cyrene
Mission Chain:Brown Beetles
Objective:Kill 1000 Puny Mang Chang
Reward:5 PED Athletics
Reward Skills:Athletics
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Draoblib
Nearest City:Zyn Forest
Required Mission:Brown Beetles - Rank 1
Added:Cyrene VU - 07-12-16
Brown Beetles - Rank 1

Objective: Kill 500 Puny Mang Chang (Not Weak)
Reward: Combat Reflexes Skill

Brown Beetles - Rank 2

Objective: Kill 1000 Puny Mang Chang (Not Weak)
Reward: 5 PED Athletics

Brown Beetles - Rank 3

Objective: Kill 2000 Puny Mang Chang (Not Weak)
Reward: 10.10 PED Courage

Brown Beetles - Rank 4

Objective: Kill 4000 Puny Mang Chang (Not Weak)

Brown Beetles - Rank 5

Objective: Kill 8000 Puny Mang Chang (Not Weak)

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