Mission: They're Taking our Minerals
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Planet Cyrene
Mission Chain:Repeatable (Cyrene)
Objective:Kill 5 Drill Bots
Reward:1? Cyrene Mission Token
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Scout Thompkins
Nearest City:Tans'Ta'Oh
Added:Planet Cyrene 2012.2


Scout Thompkins wants you to stop 10 Drill Bots from stealing our deposits by destroying them.


  • Go to where the drill bots are mining.
  • Kill 10 Drill Bots
    • 0/10
  • Back to Base.



Scout Thompkins (127614, 85142)

Salutations Recruit,

I've got a job for you: I need you to go out and destroy 10 Drill Bots, just west of her. They are taking all our mining nodes!

Can you do it? I will reward you with an Imperium Token!


  • I'm in.
  • No, no thanks.

On return to Scout Thompkins after killing Drill Bots:

Got 'em all, well done!

Take your reward, but the Imperium will send outmore by tomorrow. We can work the same deal if you come see me again.

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