Mission: 07 - A Tale of Legends
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Planet:Planet Cyrene
Mission Chain:Zorra's Epic
Objective:Listen to the tale of Lazidol!
Mission Broker
Nearest City:A.R.C. Immigration - Zyn
Required Mission:06 - Vengeance for the Fallen
Stage 1 - Meet with Zorra

Objective: Listen to all of Zorra's information.

Stage 3 - Zorra Approves, You are the Emissary

Objective: Learn more about the Zyn'Kimbro as a culture.

Stage 7 - A Tale of Legends

Objective: Listen to the tale of Lazidol

Stage 8 - Summon the Gladiator

Objective: Kill over 11,000 Merfolken to summon a Gladiator and kill it

Stage 9 - The Legends were True

Objective: Listen to the High Shaman's Plan

Stage 10 - A Powerful Summons

Objective: The High Shaman needs you to give him 40 Imperium Key Cubes

Stage 11 - Not Quite Complete

Objective: The High Shaman needs you to kill 512 Skreels to charge up the Enchanted Lure.
Reward: Enchanted Lure

Stage 12 - A Deserved Reward

Objective: Refine 6 Items and turn in for reward
Reward: Zyn'kimbro Fishing Spear & Zorra gives Xent Tech Light Rifle Prototype

Stage 13 - Hail Lazidol, The Great Sea Beast

Objective: Talk to the High Shaman to get a Lazidol Lure to be able to summon Lazidol.
Reward: Ability to Summon Great Sea Beast Lazidol

Stage 14 - Strange Times...

Objective: ...Indeed

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