Mission: 20,000 Crystal Pede Weekly
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Planet:Planet Cyrene
Mission Chain:A.R.C. Challenge - Crystal Pedes
Objective:Earn 20,000 Crystal Pede Killpoints
Reward:Aim (eq. ##.## PED implant)
Reward Skills:Aim
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Executor Andre
Nearest City:0x101 Supply Depot
Required Mission:A.R.C. Challenge - 50,000 Crystal Pede points
Added:Cyrene VU - 30-05-17

Mission Chain

A.R.C. Challenge - 100 Crystal Pedes
Kill 100 Crystal Pede
Reward: Dexterity (eq. 0.35 PED implant)
A.R.C. Challenge - 500 Crystal Pedes
Kill 500 Crystal Pede
Reward: Evade (eq. 0.51 PED implant) or
Dodge (eq. 0.02? PED implant) or
Bravado (eq. X.XX PED implant)
A.R.C. Challenge - 1000 Crystal Pedes
Kill 1000 Crystal Pede
Reward: Ripper Hide Armor Plate (L) Blueprint (L)
A.R.C. Challenge - 9000 Crystal Pedes
Kill 9000 Crystal Pede
Reward: Power Fist + Psyche Tokens or
Longblades + Psyche Tokens or
Combat Reflexes Skill + Psyche Tokens
A.R.C. Challenge - 20,000 Crystal Pedes Points
Earn 20000 Crystal Pede Points
Reward: 59 Strength Tokens & Trophy + either
4 Ped Dexterity or Anatomy
A.R.C. Challenge - 50,000 Crystal Pedes Points
Earn 50000 Crystal Pede Points
Reward: 20 Ped Dexterity or
Weapon Handling
20,000 Crystal Pede Weekly
Objective: Earn 20000 Crystal Pede Points
Reward: Aim

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