Misc. Tool: VSE Mk 1
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:0.6 kg
Profession:Sweat Gatherer
Found on:Entropia Universe

The Vibrant Sweat Extractor (VSE) Mk 1 is the first practical tool for safely extracting coded life essence known as 'Vibrant Sweat' from living creatures.


By emitting a low-energy field for harvesting the essence, the tool focuses vibrant sweat and encodes it into a suspension liquid.


Vibrant Sweat can then be refined together with 'Force Nexus' to produce 'Mind Essence'.


To operate the VSE Mk 1, equip tool from your inventory and move within a 30m range of target creature.


To target the creature and operate the tool keep the crosshair trained on the target until the sample is collected.


Note the VSE works only on animals and not on mutants, robots or other colonists.

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