Material: Tier 5 Component
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Type:Enhancer Component
Weight:0.1 kg
Value:0.4 PED
Found on:Planet Calypso
User Value:200.00 % (2020-03-27)

This component is used in the tier upgrade process.

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Item tierAmountCostCost/MCost/%
A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Adjusted Tier 56526.0052.00200.0
A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Improved Tier 527781111.202222.40200.0
A-3 Justifier Mk. 3, Improved Tier 52075830.001660.00200.0
A-3 Justifier Mk. 5, Mentor Edition Tier 5851340.40680.80200.0
A&P Series Mayhem BC-80, Augmented Tier 532361294.402588.80200.0
Aakas Fire Dagger Tier 510642.4084.80200.0
 Ancient Red Scorpion Tier 52911.6023.20200.0
ArMatrix LP-70 FEN Edition Tier 531241249.602499.20200.0
Arsonistic Chip 3, TEN Edition Tier 5259103.60207.20200.0
CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1 Tier 518373.20146.40200.0
Camo Arms Jungle Stalker Tier 524698.40196.80200.0
Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 1 Tier 59036.0072.00200.0
Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 2 Tier 512951.60103.20200.0
Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 3 Tier 523493.60187.20200.0
Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 5 Tier 5412164.80329.60200.0
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This item has been reported to drop from these creatures.

CreatureFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
Feffoid (Calypso)UncommonOutcast17.2.2Last VUEdit
FeffoxUncommonYoung17.2Last VUEdit
 OompaOftenOld17.0.5Last VUEdit
Armored Whisker FishCommonMature16.5.2Last VUEdit
Pop DragonCommon 16.4.1Last VUEdit
DropshipCommon Last VUEdit
MulmunUncommonOutcastLast VUEdit
KorwilUncommonYoung16.3.1Last VUEdit
EstophylCommonStalker16.0.3Last VUEdit
OtorugiUncommonProvider15.20.2Last VUEdit
ScoriaUncommonDominantLast VUEdit
Feffoid (Rocktropia)UncommonChampionLast VUEdit
BeladothUncommon 15.18.1Last VUEdit
Flesh RipperRareMature15.17.2Last VUEdit
MotorheadUncommonRoyalty L1515.17.1Last VUEdit
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