Blueprint: Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint
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Type:Finder Amplifier
Weight:0.1 kg
Crafted item
Item:Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L)
Item value:200 PED
Item markup: 
Cost:12.15 PED
Cost including markup:12.65 PED
Cost/%:104.1 %
Profession:Attachment Engineer
Recommended Level:5 Levels
Blueprint Book:Planet Calypso Blueprint Book Attachments (Vol. I)
Found on:Planet Calypso
Markup (M)
User Value:108.50 % (2006-09-16)

Formerly OreAmp OA-103 (L) Blueprint to vu11.10.0

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Materials needed to craft the item.

MaterialAmountCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Blausariam Ingot80.960.98102.0Hell, Planet Arkadia, Planet Calypso, ROCKtropia
Narcanisum Ingot92.162.24103.5Entropia Universe
Lysterium Ingot431.291.32102.0Entropia Universe
Survey Probe1206.006.00100.0Entropia Universe
Ganganite Ingot41.441.73120.0Entropia Universe
Basic Coil100.300.39130.3Planet Calypso, ROCKtropia

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Blueprints that have been reported to drop from this blueprint

Looted BlueprintLast VUFrequencyUpdate 
ArMatrix B-Amplifier 13P (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.2UnknownLast VUEdit
ArMatrix Extender P20 (L) Blueprint (L) VUEdit
ArMatrix L-Amplifier 10B (L) Blueprint (L) VUEdit
ArMatrix L-Amplifier 6B (L) Blueprint (L)15.20.1UnknownLast VUEdit
 Attachment Tech Gizmo 3 Blueprint15.20.1UnknownLast VUEdit
 Attachment Tech Gizmo 6 Blueprint15.19.2UnknownLast VUEdit
Bull Tac10 (L) Blueprint (L)12.0.6CommonLast VUEdit
Bull Tac20 (L) Blueprint (L)CommonLast VUEdit
Bull Tac40 (L) Blueprint (L)UnknownLast VUEdit
E-Amp 11 Blueprint15.19.1.2UnknownLast VUEdit
Ecivox Laser Sight Blueprint16.4.1UnknownLast VUEdit
Level 1 Finder Amplifer (L) Blueprint (L)RareLast VUEdit
 Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.2UnknownLast VUEdit
Level 3 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)9.3.8RareLast VUEdit
Level 7 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)RareLast VUEdit
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The following skills are involved crafting this item.

SkillHiddenSkill EffectHP increase
Attributes: IntelligenceNo280
Construction: Attachments TechnologyNo110
Construction: Blueprint ComprehensionYes90
Construction: IndustrialistYes6800
Construction: MachineryNo60
Construction: Manufacture AttachmentsNo323200
Construction: Manufacture MethodologyYes51600
Science: EngineeringNo293200

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