Blueprint: Generic Leather Texture Blueprint
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Weight:0.1 kg
Crafted item
Item:Generic Leather Texture
Item value:0.05 PED
Cost:0.07 PED
Cost including markup:0.09 PED
Cost/%:128.1 %
Profession:Material Constructor
Blueprint Book:Planet Calypso Blueprint Book Material Textures (Vol. I)
Found on:Planet Calypso

This is a level I blueprint, essential for the manufacturing of the Generic Leather Texture. Blueprints are essential in the contruction process. The blueprint states the necessary raw materials needed in order to make the product.

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Materials needed to craft the item.

MaterialAmountCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Basic Leather Extractor10.010.03267.0Entropia Universe
Generic Leather20.060.06105.0Planet Calypso, ROCKtropia

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Blueprints that have been reported to drop from this blueprint

Looted BlueprintLast VUFrequencyUpdate 
Aetherex Leather Texture Blueprint12.6.0CommonLast VUEdit
Allophyl Leather Texture Blueprint14.3.4UncommonLast VUEdit
Ambulimax Leather Texture Blueprint (L)17.1.2CommonLast VUEdit
Argonaut Leather Texture Blueprint14.4.2 Last VUEdit
Armax Leather Texture Blueprint12.10.1UncommonLast VUEdit
Atrax Leather Texture Blueprint12.0.3 Last VUEdit
Atrox Leather Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Belkar Texture Blueprint15.17.2UncommonLast VUEdit
Berycled Leather Texture Blueprint (L)17.1.2UncommonLast VUEdit
Bigwig Texture Blueprint15.4UncommonLast VUEdit
Blausariam Texture Blueprint15.13.1UncommonLast VUEdit
Brukite Stone Texture Blueprint17.2.2UncommonLast VUEdit
Brushed Aluminium Texture Blueprint10.3 Last VUEdit
Burlap Fabric Texture Blueprint12.2.1RareLast VUEdit
Caldorite Texture Blueprint17.0.5Extremely rareLast VUEdit
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Drops from

Blueprints that have been reported to drop this blueprint

BlueprintLast VUFrequencyUpdate 
Brukite Stone Texture Blueprint17.0.3CommonLast VUEdit
Denim Fabric Texture Blueprint10.5.2 Last VUEdit
Flannel Fabric Texture Blueprint15.15.7.2UnknownLast VUEdit
Generic Leather Texture Blueprint17.5.1UncommonEdit
Hessian Fabric Texture Blueprint9.3.5 Last VUEdit
Kaldon Stone Texture Blueprint15.4UncommonLast VUEdit
Large Striped Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint14.7CommonLast VUEdit
Nissit Stone Texture Blueprint17.5.1 Edit
Snablesnot Leather Texture Blueprint9.3.4 Last VUEdit
Soft Leather Texture Blueprint11.10.2UncommonLast VUEdit
Sopur Stone Texture Blueprint9.4.1 Last VUEdit
Suede Fabric Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit

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The following skills are involved crafting this item.

SkillHiddenSkill EffectHP increase
Beauty: Quality SenseYes10
Construction: Blueprint ComprehensionYes70
Construction: CarpentryNo50
Construction: Material Extraction MethodologyYes80
Construction: Texture EngineeringNo333200
Design: Make TextileNo113200
Design: Surface CompositionYes50
Design: TailoringNo51600
Science: EngineeringNo203200

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