Armor: Adjusted Imperium
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:30.2 kg
Stab:14 HP
Cut:14 HP
Impact:14 HP
Penetration:8 HP
Burn:8 HP
Cold:12 HP
Acid:25 HP
Electric:12 HP
Close:42 HP
Firearms:16 HP
Total:107 HP
Set TT:200.0 PED
Found on:Planet Cyrene
Personal effect
Personal Effects:Item Set Bonus - Increased Evade Chance 3/5/10% + Increased Critical Damage 3/5/10%
Prerequisite: 2000 A.R.C. Badges

Required items per piece:

1x Matching Paneleon Spec Imperium Armor Piece
20x Imperium Key Cube
1x Cyrene Collectible: Imperium Pilot
10x Aquatic Gland
10x Big Bird Wing
25x Nosi Ingot
25x Scrap Iron
400x Animal Oil Residue
1x Stalkerbot Pristine Element

The full set requires 7x these amounts.

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