Armor: B.E. Improved
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:30.2 kg
Stab:9 HP
Cut:10 HP
Impact:9 HP
Penetration:10 HP
Burn:10 HP
Close:28 HP
Firearms:20 HP
Total:48 HP
Set TT:79.8 PED
Found on:Planet Cyrene
All you need to do is grab the refiner, drag the armor part fully repaired with materails
But I will list it once again! and if something is new, I will add how to get it

-1x Armor Part to upgrade
-1x Boffin Upgrade Part
-2x Zorn Star Ingot
-1x Decent Magnesium Component
- 3k Sweat
-2x Swamp Lurker Oil
-5x Imperium Key Cube
-1x Ferguson's All Purpose Lube

Credit to Manique

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